“Persevering, fighting against the odds, and trusting that good will win out over evil…the acting, writing and direction all come together in this movie. We are pleased to award this film our best rating, our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages 12-plus, and five Doves!”  The Dove Foundation 

“The Fight WithIn is a redemptive, inspiring and faith-friendly movie set in the world of Mixed Martial Arts fighting. It has a strong, explicit Christian worldview with positive faith and values. The cast delivers an appealing, compelling performance and expository dialogue is also dramatically compelling” Tom Snyder, Editor, Movieguide®

“…questions of faith remain among the most important we can ask, and religious belief plays a role (like it or not) in the lives of even the unbelievers. So when a filmmaker seems to wrestle seriously with that topic, I listen. In the case of “The Fight Within,” I’m glad I did.” Lawrence Toppman, The Charlotte Observer

“A faith-based variation of Rocky and a touching tale of redemption as with a Evangelical fare that’s more entertaining than heavy-handed. Solid proof that you can get the girl, the prize money and salvation, provided God’s on your side.” Kam Willams – Film Critic


“The movie has such a great message and it communicated that message so well. The quality and ministry of the movie was excellent, so glad we got to experience it!”   Pastor Jimmy Bowers

It was awesome!  The story line, as well as the application of the gospel message. I’m not sure you intended this, but the love story was great. You showed how young people could fall in love without the need for sex.” Pastor Martin Houston

Impressive story line. Action is intense which keeps the viewer on edge. I thought the Cinematography was excellent.”  Pastor Charles Lenn

“I still can’t get over the relationship build throughout the movie. I mean it literally just kept me captivated. With serious relationships being a weak point for most young people I really think young people will leave asking what am I doing with what I have and be motivated to have honest sincere, Godly relationships. ” College Pastor Casey Elmore

“One of my youth stated that it showed them “not to let their past define their future”, another one said that “I feel like it’s the struggle all Christians face, I’m not talking about literally getting in a cage and fighting, but as Christians we have to constantly fight our fleshly desires”. It’s the message of hope, finding out who you truly are and overcoming this world and letting this world define you and people need to hear and be reminded of that…”  Youth Minister Jordon Mason